Download Problems

Please download the file again first and make sure you have downloaded the complete file!
Please see Problems Downloading a File to see if it is a download problem.
We recommend to use the .zip built into the operating system.

Can I use your assets for commercial use?

All my assets are open for personal and commercial use once purchased. If you download free assets, be aware to read description, some of free assets can't be used in commercial use.

I downloaded your pack, but there is no PSD files in the folder (macOS users)

In some old assets, for MAC users there is a problem when you download a file, its weight is as it should be, but in the folder you see only pictures, without PSD files. The solution is simple: all you need to do is open the hidden files in your folder.

I can't unzip the archive.

If you can't unzip the .7z/.7zip file, download 7zip. Then right-click on the archive you try to unzip, and unzip this throught 7zip.

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