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Hey everyone! I'm Tanya, 27 years and happy owner of a fluffy cat... Oh yeah, stop, lets leave it behind.

I've started my way in far of 2008, when downloaded a Photoshop after relocating to another country. I was sad, don't knew that language. That's how it has been started, the way that brings me to what I have now.
Design - that I'm living for, that inspiring every day, that relaxing cure. That's my love.

For the long time I've chained myself as a graphic designer, until I wish to start learning the motion graphics. That's how I've done the base steps of editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe After Effects. Apart from Photoshop I've skilled in Adobe Illustrator. Also about a year ago have started deep learning in Cinema 4D, Daz3D, Blender, Substance Painter and ZBrush.
Spark AR is another tool that I've mastered in. With this program I'm building cool effects for Instagram. Lots of them are for sales and freelance, nor for me.

How did I come to create my resources?

Two years ago I needed a foil texture for a project. I couldn't find one that would fit, so I grabbed my camera, a roll of food foil and turned on the RGB tape in the room. I took several photos, brought them into Photoshop, edited and used in the project. After that, I realized that I can contribute to the design community and create different graphic materials for those who do not want to waste their time and it is easier to use ready-made material or for those who need exactly what I can offer. So, I decided to make a course on creating a 3D model in Daz3D and people began to buy this course, download it and send positive feedback. Rather, it was the positive feedback that played a big role in my continuing to create materials for different jobs and different needs, from courses to textures and mockups.

I don't wanna stop and ready to explore something new every day. I want and more I can to share you my skills and resources which gonna help you with your amazing works!

I have an Youtube channel with lessons but this is just my hobby.

I hope you enjoy what I do and if you want to work with me you feel free to contact me, I'll be very happy for it!

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