Zine Magazine - Print Magazine Effect

Introducing the Zine Magazine: Unleash Nostalgia with an one click!
Transform your ordinary images into captivating pieces of art that exude the irresistible charm of vintage zine aesthetics. Our one-click PSD effect brings back the retro-cool vibe that's making a powerful comeback in the design world.

Experiment and reimagine your visuals with the timeless appeal of torn edges, faded colors, and the iconic collage-style layout. Whether you're a professional designer or just someone who loves to create, Zine Magazine opens up a world of possibilities to turn your creations into striking works of art.

- 5 effects in .psd format for Photoshop
- 2100 x 1500 and 1500 x 2100 (Portrait & Landscape)
- 300 DPI

How to use?
Just open a template in Photoshop, then double-click on the "Change here" layer, drag and drop your photo. Once you are placed your photo, click "File" - "Save". Done!

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