Chrome Meta - 3D Abstract Shapes

Introducing Chrome Meta – Elevate Your Design Game!

Dive into the world of Chrome Meta, where creativity knows no bounds. Whether you're a graphic designer, UI/UX creator, or poster artist, Chrome Meta is designed to bring a new level of depth and innovation to your projects. Transform your visuals and captivate your audience with these stunning, versatile elements. Unlock endless possibilities with Chrome Meta today!

- 55 shapes (.png / Clay style)
- 55 shapes (.png / Holographic style)
- 55 shapes (.png / Pastel Gradient style)
- 55 shapes (.png / Pastel Holo style)
- 2500x2500 px, 300 DPI

Tips&Tricks: You can use "Hue/Saturation" or "Color Balance" on the colorful elements to change colors. Or you can use "Solid color" or "Gradient map" on the white elements to change color for your needs (Blending modes; overlay, multiply, color etc).

Be creative!
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