Animated Backgrounds - Looping Wallpapers


Introducing Animated Backgrounds—a versatile collection designed to elevate your digital presence with captivating visuals. This comprehensive package features 11 horizontal and 11 vertical videos, along with 21 static wallpapers, meticulously crafted to enhance Instagram stories, phone wallpapers, web design, presentations, and more.

Crafted with seamless integration in mind, Animated Backgrounds are compatible with any software capable of opening MP4 files and PNGs, ensuring effortless use across various platforms.

Each element boasts stunning 4K resolution, guaranteeing crisp detail and vibrant imagery. The animations, characterized by smooth looping sequences and an array of mesmerizing colors, add dynamic flair to any project.

- 11 .mp4 videos (3840x2160 px)
- 11.mp4 videos (2160x3840 px)
- 21 static wallpapers (3840x2160 px & 300 DPI)
- Video tutorial: How to change the color

Info: mp4, H.264 codec, 24 fps, 8 seconds

Happy creating!
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